Loop Is A Game Changer

Loop gives brands and marketers deep visibility into the independent retail market, insights for marketing personalization and a direct connection to consumers.

Deep Visibility and Reach Into the Global Independent Retail Market

We work directly with brands, agencies, and data partners to arm advertisers and marketers with real-time, actionable insights that build personalized customer experiences and loyalty. Whether you want a hyper-local, regional or national view, Loop has the fragmented retail market covered.

Here’s What Loop Can Do For You


Gain full visibility into the independent retail market. Aggregated retailer data gives brands the complete picture from real time market trends to brand sell through data at the hyper-local and global levels. Brands can see every transaction because Loop requires no loyalty or opt-in and is untethered by PCI compliance.


Build and drive dynamic brand loyalty. With Loop, brands can finally understand the total known customer base. Deliver the right offer at the right place to the right person. Promote and deliver highly personalized offers through printed receipts, loyalty programs and digital marketing channels.


Conquest competing brands by influencing future purchases with AI powered “like and similar” product and recommendations and offers. With Loop, brands will know customer recency, frequency and basket composition. Real time data allows brands to stop making assumptions and make informed decisions on what is truly happening at that moment.


Future-proof your digital marketing delivery. Loop is turnkey and scalable solution. We’re POS agnostic, SIM enabled and require no IT integration. Brands can market personalized campaigns and get live KPIs on sales performance, know which campaigns are working in real time and where you have the best results. You can even correlate campaigns with sell through data as well as external factors like events and weather.

Why Loop?

Loop is an innovative, turnkey marketing platform that delivers personalized marketing offers to customers in the moment of the in-person retail transaction. It’s fast, easy and scalable. Want to learn more?

Want to see what’s happening in retail and connect directly with your customers?