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Liquor Sales Over the Easter Holiday Weekend

In the states, over $18 billion was spent on the Easter holiday weekend. Easter is now the second largest holiday for chocolate sales in America alone. What about Liquor sales though?

We went granular with the holiday liquor data and looked at the top-selling days, hours, and items of the weekend.

Weekend Sale Changes

Comparison of April 11th-15th to April 18th-22th (Easter) weekend.

Looking at the Total Value (% change in dollars spent), Total Quantity (% change in units sold), and Total Transactions (% change in the number of transactions) you can see that the Easter holiday really did have a great impact on liquor sales.

Best Day of the Weekend for Sales

Looking at the Easter Holiday weekend Friday had the highest number of sales, but Thursday was the real winner here. Thursday saw an 82% increase in dollar sales and a 71% increase in quantity sales over the previous weekend.


  • Sunday: +32%
  • Thursday: +82%
  • Friday: +12%
  • Saturday: +17%


  • Sunday: +32%
  • Thursday: +71%
  • Friday: +8%
  • Saturday: +20%

The Best Hour of Thursday for Sales

Looking specifically at Thursday, we can see that 4:00 PM was the time when customers were purchasing the most.


Top Items Sold on Thursday

With Thursday being the largest % sales change over the previous week we broke down the top items purchased on that specific day.


The category winners for Thursday were:

  • Bud Weiser 24 pack the most consumed Beer
  • Patron Silver the most consumed Hard Liquor
  • Tinhorn Cab the most consumed Wine

Top Items of the Weekend

The top items purchased over the weekend vary a little from Thursday’s specific top items, but you can still see a similar item trend.


he category winners for the Easter holiday weekend were:

  • Bud Weiser 24 pack was the most consumed Beer
  • Crown Royal was the most consumed Hard Liquor
  • Diabolica Red was the most consumed Wine

The Winners

With Thursday seeing the highest increase in sales, here at Loop Insights, we suggest starting your holiday weekend promotions Thursday.

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Insights provided by: Loop Data Exchange