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Loop Insights = IoT + Artificial Intelligence

Like the internet connects websites, Loop connects physical locations – providing the data
connectivity that will level the playing field between brick and mortar retailers and online giants


Consolidated view of company-wide data

Unparalleled detail on your customers and operations

Full conversion and redemption metrics in real-time


Personalized automated promotions

Contactless, convenient platform

1 to 1 direct access to each customer


Increase foot traffic

Build basket size

Increase loyalty and wallet share

Our Technology

It all starts with Fobi

At the core of Loop’s services is Fobi, it’s IoT (Internet of Things) technology that seamlessly plugs into your business to give your data language. Online and in-store customer touch points can now all speak to each other, and speak to you. What comes next? A complete, future-proof solution: automated contact tracing, hyper-personalized marketing, and real-time actionable insights.

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Reopen doors with automated contact tracing

Loop’s Covid-19 Restart Solution

In order to reopen doors, business owners need to demonstrate that they are adopting best practice protocols, such as contact tracing, for safe customer experience. Loop’s contact tracing solution is safe, secure, and fully managed. Using wallet pass technology, guests receive a Covid-19 Contact Card to check-in and securely share their information, and will receive automated notifications if they are potentially exposed to the coronavirus. Instill confidence back into your business with no extra work to you or staff.

  • No app download required
  • Contactless check-in by tapping a mobile device
  • Tracing on check-in points, not GPS (accurate & respects user privacy)
  • De-identified and encrypted contact information
  • Notifications via email, text, wallet pass, automated voice message
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Our Service

Move forward with game-changing engagement

It’s now time to focus on recovering financial losses and creating new-line revenue. Loop accelerates your efforts with automated marketing campaigns with full redemption metrics. Deliver the right promotion, to the right customer, at the right time—engage with customers like never before.

  • Contactless engagement via wallet pass, text, email, digital receipt
  • In-store marketing based on past shopping behaviors, location, time
  • Interact with customers consistently pre and post-visit
  • Work with brands to gain revenue through advertising
  • Compatible with current loyalty programs/apps
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Our Service

Turn your data into dollars

Loop’s connectivity brings value to your data. All of your data touchpoints, from operations and management to customer-facing, is now aggregated and actionable. Use these detailed insights to make tweaks to your operations and marketing campaigns to optimize your profitability. Loop’s AI capabilities are highly scalable, so shoot for the stars!

  • In-store, online, and across your properties
  • Real-time updates on operations and marketing conversions
  • Detailed customer profiles
  • Cloud-based IoT connectivity
  • Integration capabilities
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Loop Insights = IoT + Artificial Intelligence

Level the playing field between online retail giants and brick & mortar businesses.


Enable automation across entire business

See 100% of your transactions with data-driven attribution

Link online and on-premise data


Refine 3rd party applications with better data

Improve operations and forecasting

Enrich customer experience


Drive higher foot traffic

Increase customer retention and wallet share 

Access new-line revenue

Simple as plug and play

IoT Device

Simply plug Loop Insight’s IoT device, Fobi, into any POS environment. Completely connect your physical and digital ecosystems in one place and in real-time. 

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Assumptions are no longer needed

AI Analytics

Utilize Loop Insight’s predictalytics to make smarter data-driven decisions. Access a complete picture of all your company insights in one dashboard by bridging siloed mobile, wifi, POS, and third party data. Make your data work for you!

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Personalize every customer interaction

Automated Marketing

Integrate both automation and hyper-personalization in your marketing to create a frictionless, yet memorable, experience that drives customer retention and loyalty. See what aspects of your marketing are making you money – maximizing your return on investment!

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Turn data into dollars

New-line Revenue

Increase profitability by accessing new-line revenue streams with Loop Insight’s 3rd party programmic advertising platform. Grow your loyal customer base with personalized promotions and digital marketing.

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