Increase Your Brick and Mortar Retail Revenue

Customers Don’t Remember Price. They Remember Experience

Loop delivers highly personalized marketing offers designed to increase basket size and repeat business without you or your employees having to do anything different. Discover, analyze and influence your customers within minutes of installing Loop’s plug-and-play systems.

Here’s What Loop Can Do For You


Drive and capitalize on customer loyalty. Loyalty customers spend on average 15% to 20% more every visit. Capitalize on your loyalty data. Deliver personalized offers based on purchase history. Customers will keep coming back – and buying more.


Maximize digital partnership marketing. Traditional marketing dollars are shrinking. Brands’ marketing spend will be 90% digital by 2020. Loop’s exclusive brand partnerships and cross-promotional tools will enable retailers to drive new revenue streams and capture those important marketing dollars to help increase your sales.


Bridge physical and digital journeys. Brick and mortar can now compete with online shopping. Loop provides invaluable data analysis about your customers’ shopping and purchase habits. Understand your total known customer to increase sales velocity. Your staff will be equipped to suggest product pairings and super size the basket.


Make more informed and accurate business decisions. Assumptions are no longer needed. Real-time consumable insights are easy to understand so you can make better business decisions like product selection and menu optimization as well as store layout and merchandising – all with the support of live data.

Why Loop?

Loop is an innovative, turnkey marketing platform that delivers personalized marketing offers to customers in the moment of the in-person retail transaction. It’s fast, easy and scalable. Want to learn more?

Want to boost your brick And mortar revenue?