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Special Live Event: Safe Campus 2021

Creating an end-to-end solution for reopening campuses safely in 2021.

The Mission: Reopen Safely & Stay Open

In the upcoming round of school reopenings, school administrators & safety personnel are pressed to come up with COVID-19 mitigation plans that meet regulatory guidelines, can make schools safe, and relieve anxieties from students, parents, and faculty.

After successfully demonstrated our venue bubble solution for 2 NCAA basketball tournaments last year, Loop Insights is ready to help schools reopen safely with a custom version of our Venue Management tool – developed specifically with schools’ needs in mind.

Assess Our Solution, Give Your Input

Program Objectives for Loop's Venue Management Solution for Schools
  • Maintain safety and minimize infection risk on campuses.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines for reopening
  • Inspire confidence and buy-in from parents, students, and school faculties
  • Easy and fast to deploy without dedicated technical expertise or manpower requirements
In February 2021, Loop Insights is inviting school administrators & safety personnel to RSVP for a special online Live Reveal of our new Venue Management solution for schools - where they can find out how it works and ask us questions directly. If you'd like to attend, please pre-register to receive our official schedule & event link.

Event Details

Date & Time

February 2021 (specific time to be announced)

Event Format

ZOOM Conference

What We'll Cover
  • Part 1 – Presentation (60 Mins)
    • Venue Management solution walkthrough.
    • Rapid-testing & venue bubble applications.
    • Support & requirements.
    • Privacy & user data management.
    • Student engagement & management tools beyond COVID-19.
  • Part 2 – Q&A (30 Mins)

An opportunity for attendees to ask questions, offer comments and suggestions based on their unique needs.