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Simple Yet Powerful

Loop Insights offers fully-automated plug and play technology that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure to personalize consumers’ physical and digital journeys.

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Fobi seamlessly plugs into your existing infrastructure and works with our Loop Cloud to connect all your company-wide data—online, in-store, and across properties. With its artificial intelligence capabilities, Fobi makes sense of this data and makes it actionable. Now, you have access to highly detailed customer profiles to curate personalized experiences, and real-time insights to make data-driven decisions.

Aggregates data from different touchpoints

Links customer profile to 100% of the transaction (what was bought, when and where)

Pushes automated, personalized marketing (email, SMS, wallet pass, receipting)

Powers Loop’s digital receipting platform

Loop Cloud

As a business owner, you’ve probably been told to move “from edge to cloud.” With an edge-based system, your data is constricted to a single device or location. Sending your data to the cloud allows it to be more accessible and actionable. Fobi sends data from different touchpoints to and from the Loop cloud where it is aggregated automatically for you. The Loop Cloud is the starting point of something magical.

Transforms business from edge to cloud

Reads Loop and third-party technology

Consolidates business insights and makes them actionable

Works with partners to deliver a complete automated contact tracing solution


SmarTap pairs Fobi with an NFC (Near Field Communication) device to create a smart engagement platform suitable for a multitude of applications, including check-in processes, contact tracing, loyalty programs, and marketing. Users simply tap their mobile device to access a streamlined, contactless experience—which is more important than ever before.

Creates seamless customer experience

Enhances loyalty programs

Increases foot traffic

Communicates with existing apps, wallet passes, and NFC cards

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Meet Fobi

Connect legacy systems from edge to cloud

LTE-connected IoT device

POS-agnostic platform

Installs in minutes

Personalized Portal

Customizable campaign builder with performance and redemption metrics

Real-time microtrend data for operations and forecasting

Single, consolidated view of your whole company

Future-proof, cloud-based system

Innovative, Frictionless Loyalty

Seamlessly integrates with Apple and Google Wallet

No need for physical loyalty cards or entering customer data

Beacon / GPS location-based proximity marketing

One-tap opt in and enrollment

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