Loop Is a No-Brainer

Loop combines the power of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Automation into a powerful, yet simple to use marketing platform that levels the playing field for brick and mortar retail.

Transform Your Business Through AI, Marketing Automation and Consumable Insights

Loop is a fully automated, plug and play system that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure to personalize consumer’s physical and digital journeys. Using advanced machine learning technology, Loop delivers insights that are actionable at scale and creates personally relevant experiences that support customer motivations and business objectives.

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Loop is Different

Loop is an innovative, turnkey marketing platform that delivers personalized marketing offers to customers in the moment of the in-person retail transaction. It’s fast, easy and scalable. Here’s what makes Loop unique:


Plug and Play. Loop resides between the POS and the printer and does not require IT integration. Also, it comes with an onboard SIM card, so the only requirement in-store is basic power.


POS Agnostic. Loop will work with virtually any POS system and printer combination. This makes it the perfect solution for connecting previously siloed data throughout your retail network.


No Need for Consumer Adoption or Opt-In. No loyalty program? No problem! You don’t have to collect any personal information from your customers to use Loop’s insights and marketing tools. Furthermore, since Loop only collects the innocuous information that is printed on the receipt, the data is unburdened by PCI compliance.


Automated Marketing with Predictalytics & Personalization. Loop’s proprietary machine learning AI technology uses aggregated data to create “like and similar” audiences for niche profiling and greater personalization for both known and unknown customers.


Captures Every Single Transaction in Real-Time. Loop captures detailed transaction data and pushes it to the cloud in real time. so you can see what’s happening right now at the retail point of sale in detail across multiple locations.


Meaningful Insights Powered by AI. Transaction data is combined with other formerly disparate data sources and artificial intelligence to provide meaningful and actionable insights.

How We Do It

Loop is a location-based marketing intelligence platform for brick and mortar retail that personalizes the customers’ physical and digital journeys.

Here’s how it works: