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Tequila and Beer Dominated Sales on Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is considered one of the most celebrated days for Mexico, both historically and for alcohol drinkers everywhere. From tequila, light lagers, malt beers and everything in between, here is how celebrating Cinco De Mayo is impacting liquor sales across North America.

Tequila Reigns Supreme

Unsurprisingly, Tequila and mixed beverages dominated over the Cinco De Mayo weekend. With an amazing $2.9 billion in US annual sales, we can only imagine how much of a spike liquor sales got from the holiday celebrations.

According to the cocktail market, tequila related beverages averaged about 14.5% of all cocktail beverages consumed, for Cinco De Mayo, that average increased by nearly triple, furthermore records show that roughly 126 million liters of tequila were consumed on Cinco De Mayo alone.

Top Tequila Brands

Funny enough, even without Cinco De Mayo raking in the green, North America alone has accounted for nearly 83% of all tequila exports annually. With over 2000 unique tequila brands available in North America, it’s hard not to recognize the massive impact tequila has on North America – which not surprisingly shows an annual growth for tequila by roughly 4.5% a year.

USA Takes Over the Tequila Export Market

Taking the above table into account, the US dwarfs all other exporters, meaning countries like Canada have a greater opportunity to take advantage of the holiday and stock their shelves with tequila at the right time.

But Beers Make an Impact Too.

Not to be outdone by the tequila market, consumers have also been recorded to drink more beer on Cinco De Mayo than any other holiday; including the 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day and the Super Bowl Weekend. These numbers skyrocketed on Cinco De Mayo, averaging around 745 million US dollars being spent on light beers and malt liquors alone.

Top Beer Exports and Consumption

Corona Dominates the Beer Market on Cinco De Mayo

So retailers, now that you see the opportunity Cinco De Mayo offers, take advantage next year by providing your consumers with the right tequila and beers to celebrate one of the most influential drinking holidays in the world.

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